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Checking Glider Flying Logsheet Entries #

Description #

To display the glider flights which have already been entered for a day.

This is typically used to check the entry of a logsheet which has just been completed, to find any entries which have been duplicated or omitted. It can also be used to determine which entries have been made for an incomplete day - e.g., one for which input was interrupted or for which logsheets were missing.

Conditions #

Month is open for daily transactions.

Operator Level #

Basic Entry

Usage #

If it is not already visible, display the Glider Flight Entry window (see the first part of procedure Glider Flying Logsheet Entry) and set its date to the day to be displayed.

Choose the Logsheet Summary button in this window. This will cause the Logsheet Summary window to be displayed.

The Logsheet Summary window contains a table containing one row for each logsheet line and one column for each logsheet page. Each table entry contains the glider number for the flight on that line and page.

If two or more flights have been entered for a logsheet page and line then their glider numbers are shown in the table entry separated by "/". The table columns can be resized to make longer entries visible by dragging the separator bars between the column headings.

Details of the flight transactions can be displayed by double clicking on the table entries, see Displaying Transactions. In the case of multiple flights for a table entry Max2 prompts you to enter the number of the flight to be displayed (1, 2 or 3, etc.).

Incorrectly entered transactions can be deleted. See Deleting or Undeleting Transactions.