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Account Number Allocation #

Description #

To allocate an account number for a new member.

Conditions #

Month state file is valid.

Operator Level #


Usage #

Obtain an up-to-date Available Account Numbers report for the current month. If one is not available print a new copy by choosing the Available Account Numbers Report... menu item in the main window's Report menu.

This report shows a line of available account numbers for each letter of the alphabet. Choose one from the line with the letter which matches the first letter of the new account holder's surname.

Note that the numbers shown on this report are not necessarily the lowest numbers available. The program is set up to pick numbers so that a certain amount of random spread occurs in the allocation of the numbers so that simple errors are more likely to be picked up.

Cross out the chosen account number on the Available Account Numbers Report so that the report can be used safely for further account number allocations.

See Also #

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