[ Procedures ]

Account Modification #

Description #

To modify the details of a proper account, that is an account for an ordinary, temporary or course member.

Conditions #

Write access. Month is open for start-of-month or daily transactions.

Operator Level #

Full Entry

Usage #

Display the Account List or Selected Account List window. See Displaying Proper Account Lists.

Select the required account in the List box.

Choose Edit to display the Edit Account window.

Modify the account details in the Edit Account window as described in Filling In Account Details.

If no changes have been made to the account details then choose the Cancel button.

Note that adding or removing properties from the account in the Edit Account window does not count as making a change here (property changes are dealt with in separate transactions created as the properties are added and removed). Therefore, if the only change made to the account is the addition or removal of properties then choose Cancel.

Otherwise, choose the Update button.

See Also #

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