[ Procedures ]

Account Creation #

Description #

To create a proper account, that is an account for an ordinary, temporary or course member but not a trial lesson member.

Conditions #

Write access. Month is open for start-of-month or daily transactions.

Operator Level #

Full Entry

Usage #

If a number has not yet been allocated for the account then allocate one now, see Account Number Allocation.

Display the Account List window by choosing the Accounts | Proper Accounts... item in the Max2 main window's menu.

In the Account List window choose the Add button. This will display the Max2 - Add Account window. Enter the number of the account to be created and choose OK. If the account number does not follow the standard format (letter followed by from one to three digits) you will be asked to confirm the entry.

The main Add Account window is now displayed. Fill in the available details of the account which should include at least the account holders' surname as described in Filling In Account Details.

If you decide not to create the account in the Add Account window then choose the Cancel button.

Otherwise, when the account details are correct choose the Add button. This will cause the account to be created and the New Account window to be displayed.

Typically when you create an account the first transaction you want to apply to it is a course or membership sale. The New Account window allows this.

If the new account has been sold a course then choose the Course button in this window. If the new account is for a temporary or ordinary member then choose the Membership button. If the new account is to be left without membership then select the No button.

See Membership Sale Entry or Course Sale Entry for further details.

See Also #

Trial Lesson Ticket Sale Entry (for creation of trial lesson accounts).