[ Overview ]

Operation #

Windows #

Max2 runs under Microsoft Windows. The reader of this manual is assumed to be familiar with the operation of Windows programs.

Main Window #

The operation of Max2 is controlled from a single main window. This window is used to log in the current operator, select which month is to be accessed and to create windows to perform other Max2 operations, such as entry of glider flight logsheets or printing of reports.

Database Directory #

This part of the caption of the main Max2 window shows the directory of the database which is being used. There can only be one Max2 database in each directory.

Database Access #

This check-box indicates whether Max2 currently has write access to the database. Normally Max2 will have write access but if the operator does not have the right to update the database or if another copy of Max2 on this PC or another PC on the network already has access to the database then read-only access will be granted.

There can be either:

That is, any user with write access to a database excludes all other accesses to that database.

When Max2 is printing long reports it automatically switches to read-only access to avoid locking out other users from reading the database.

The operator can manually change the database access mode by clicking on this control.

Operator Name #

This control selects among the operators who have been authorized to use this Max2 database. By default it is set to "(none)" which indicates that there is no operator using Max2.

When the operator name is changed Max2 prompts for the input of a password. This is unique to each operator and is intended to prevent unauthorized access to the system.

Operator Level #

Each operator has a level which controls their capabilities. The possible levels are:

Selected Month #

This control selects which month is being operated on: that is, the current month. Any month from the start of Max2 operation up to and including the month following the present month can be selected.

The drop-down list for this control includes the months from twelve months prior to the present month up to the month following the present month.

If months more than a year ago need to be selected then the month name and year can be typed in the control. The spelling of the month name and representation of the year should follow the examples shown in the drop down list. The month name can be abbreviated to three letters (except "Sept") and the year to the last two digits (until 2090).

Month State #

This control shows the state of the files for the current month. It can be one of the following:

Progress Messages #

This control is used to display messages from many parts of Max2 (not just the main window) to indicate the progress of various processing operations.

Main Window Changes #

When the operator name, month or database access mode are changed on the main window most other Max2 windows are automatically closed because their contents may no longer be valid.

Menu items and controls which are not available to the current operator, which are not available in the current month state or in the current access mode are shown greyed out.