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Rather self-referentially, this section describes how this manual is constructed.

Originally, this manual was written as a set of about five Microsoft Works documents. The printed layout used was similar to the current web pages but, of course, without the cross-reference links. Each of these were converted to XML and combined into a single document using a sequence of programs: first Works 2000 to convert to its format, Microsoft Word 95 to convert to its format then OpenOffice.org to convert to its format (an XML document in a .ZIP file). The XML versions were extracted from the OOo .ZIP files and processed by a sequence of XSLT transforms to convert the layout information (indents, fonts, weight, etc) to more semantic markup (sections, titles, and so on). The final stages of the conversion were carried out by hand.

The resulting XML is stored in a single file (Max2Manual.xml) which is edited to add or modify text. The markup format used is specific to this manual and is described in the Markup section below. This XML document is processed to produce the HTML files (including the one you are reading now) by a pair of XSLT transformations as described under Build Process below.

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