[ Introduction ]

Document Layout #

This manual is divided into a number of chapters aimed at readers with different needs. This is the Introduction chapter, the following paragraphs describe each of the remaining chapters in turn.

Overview #

Gives an overall description of Max2. This chapter should be read by everybody who is to use Max2.

Procedures #

Describes individual procedures to be followed to use Max2. This chapter is intended for use as a reference when the operator is unfamiliar with a particular function.

Each procedure is described in a separate topic within this chapter.

Many topics refer to other topics, sometimes to reference more detailed procedures.

Selectors #

Describes how selectors are used to choose the accounts, trial lessons or transactions to be included in many of the Max2 operations - particularly report printing.

An understanding of selectors is required for all but the most basic use of the program.

Charging Rules #

Gives details required by operators who must modify or check the charging rules. This information is not required for everyday operation of Max2.

Reports #

Explains how printed reports from Max are specified and what their contents are. This information is required for the end of month processing and by users involved in interpreting the reports such as committee members, bookkeepers and auditors.

Programmers' Guide #

Contains information on the internal structure of Max2. This is intended only for programmers who must correct or modify the operation of Max2.

Appendicies #

Contain reference information needed for more advanced operations.