[ Introduction ]

Document Conventions #

Windows Terms #

This manual uses various Microsoft Windows terms with which the reader should be familiar.

"Control" #

A general term for the items which make up a Window.

"Caption" #

The name displayed on the top of a window or on a control.

"Command Button" #

A control which causes actions to take place. Shown as a bevelled rectangle with a name in the middle.

"Button" #

Short for "command button".

"Menu" #

The list of commands across the top of a window.

"Check Box" #

An item which the user can turn on and off. It is shown as a small square box which is empty when it is turned off and has an X in it when it is on. It can be switched on and off either by clicking on it with the mouse or by tabing to it and pressing the space bar.

"Check" #

Set a check box to the turned-on state.

"Option Button" #

An item which can also be turned on and off. Unlike a Check Box, an option buttons are grouped together. Only one option button in a group can be turned on. It is shown as round circle which is empty when it is turned off and has a dot in the middle when it is turned on.

"Text Box" #

A rectangular area of a window used for input of text.

"Box" #

Short for "text box".

"Drop-down List" #

The list of options which can be selected for some controls. Generally it is accessed using a button with a downward pointing arrow at the right hand end of the control.

"Panel" #

An area of the screen with a bevelled edge. Small panels shown inset into the surrounding window area are used for the display of text messages.

Larger panels bevelled to appear raised above the surrounding area are used to group together related controls.

"Choosing" #

Activating a menu item or command button. This can be done in any of a number of ways, including:

"Greyed" #

If a menu item or control is disabled then its caption is shown in grey, rather than black. In Max2 there are three likely reasons for a menu item or control to be greyed:

Cross References #

Each of the sections in this manual can be linked to in the normal web manner. The links work in the normal way and are shown Like This.

Captions #

In this manual windows, menu items, controls and reports are referred to by their captions. These captions are shown Like This. Text boxes and some other controls are referred to by the labels next to them which are also shown in This Way.

Transaction Fields #

transaction-field-names are similar to captions but use a monospace font.

Code #

Some places in this manual refer to file names, symbols and other text strings which form part of the source code of Max2. These references are shown like this.

Months #

Max2 operation is heavily orientated to a monthly cycle. All operations are performed with a particular month selected. This is not necessarily the month which it presently is. For example, glider flights for the 31st August could be entered on the 1st September. This would be done with August selected. Therefore the following terms are defined:

"Present Month" #

The actual month at the time of an action. September in the above example.

"Current Month" #

The month which is currently selected for operation in the Max2 main window. August in the above example.

When a transaction is said to be "in" a month it is meant that the transaction was entered with the specified month selected and therefore it is stored in one of the transaction files for that month.