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Development Environment #

Execution Files #

The two files which are required for execution of the Max2 system are:

max2.exe #

The executable form of the UI (generated using VB's create executable option on the File menu).

max2dll.dll #

The dynamic link library form of the back-end.

In addition various .VBX and .DLL files are required for the VB run time environment and to implement various controls used on the forms.

Development Tools #

The UI has been developed using Microsoft Visual Basic version 3.0 Professional Edition. A copy of this software would be required to make any further changes.

The back-end has been developed using Microsoft Visual C/C++ version 1.0 Professional Edition (MSVC). Initial development used only C but later modules use C++ features and earlier modules have been "upgraded" to C++.

See also Appendix E - External EMail Program for some notes on the development tools used for that program.

Development Directories #

The code for Max2 is stored in a number of directories, all under a single main (max2) directory.

This max2 directory contains an index.html file which contains information on the directory structure. This information will not be duplicated here.

Memory Model #

Max2 is a 16-bit Windows application. Therefore, integers are all 16 bits and longs are 32 bits. Porting to 32-bit versions of VB would probably involve a lot of work because of the presence of VB integers in structures stored in the transaction files.

All pointers in the Max2 system (other than any used internally by Visual Basic, for which we cannot speak), whether to code or to data are long, that is, in the form of a 32-bit number which is interpreted as a 16-bit segment and 16-bit offset.