[ Charging Rules ]

Rule Sets #

There is one Max2 rule set for each type of transaction which requires rules to be applied, that is, one rule set for glider flight transactions and one for power flight transactions.

(Actually, two transaction types can use the same rule set but this is not done in Max2 at the moment. If we ever introduced a new version of one of the existing flight transactions, perhaps if we wanted to add another field, then it would probably use the same rule set).

Each of the rules in the rule set sets the value of a particular field. The rules must be kept in the correct order within the rule set to make sure that any rule which depends on a field comes after all the rules which set the field.

To make this easy Max2 keeps all of the rules for each field together. For example, the rules which set the glider-type field are followed by the rules which set the glider-owner field and then the rules for the glider-seats field.

In a charging set window there is an outline control on the left which allows selection of the rule to be displayed. The outline has two levels. The top level selects the field and the second level selects the rule for the field.

The list of rules for each field can be displayed or hidden by clicking on the '+' or '-' symbol to the left of the field's name.

When a rule is selected in the outline its details are shown in the right hand part of the window. When a field is selected this part is left blank and cannot be edited.

Buttons below the outline control the creation and deletion of computed fields and rules and allow their order within the list to be changed.

Buttons below the rule control the saving of any changes made and allow the changes to be undone by restoring the previous contents of the rule.