15 Metre Nationals 2006 Bumps Charts

Here are some "bumps" charts for the 2006 UK 15m Nationals. I've got a separate page to introduce the sort of bumps charts I mean here.

These charts are produced from the results published on the competition page at 2006-08-03 13:28.

Cumulative results with the overall leader for each day as the reference line (across the top of the chart). The lower part of the chart is chopped off for clarity.

All the excitement is in the top few places, of course. Here are the cumulative scores for those above the clear gap between Bruce and Wayne.

Looking at the cumulative results in a simplistic way - with the zero points line horizontal and just off the bottom of the chart.

I'm coming to the conclusion that the daily charts are really not terribly useful for looking at the results for individual gliders. Maybe they'll be more useful when browsers are quick enough at displaying vector graphics to allow dynamic display, e.g., highlighting the line for the glider the cursor is hovering over. Still, the following gives some indication of the points spreads on each of the days.