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Any activity around here tends to happen on my blog.

Off-Grid House

Here are a few pages about an off-grid house I plan to build. There are also a bunch of blog posts about houses in general and about my house in particular.

Booker Gliding Club Accounts System (Max2)

In late 1993/early 1994 I wrote an accounts system for Booker Gliding Club and I've been, to a greater or lesser degree, supporting and extending it since. I've put the manual here for easy reference of an up-to-date copy by anybody with an interest in the matter.

EW Avionics

These are items of interest to those owning or using the earlier versions of the EW Avionics barographs and flight data recorders but which are not necessarily officially supported by EW.

Bumps Charts

I did some XSLT to produce SVG graphs of scores in gliding competitions. Here are a few pages related to those:

Booker Regionals, 2005 with some introductory text on bumps charts at the top and bottom of the page. 2006 15 Metre and Standard Class Nationals. 2007 18 Metre Nationals and Booker Regionals. 2008 Booker Regionals. 2009 European Championships, Booker Regionals, and 15 Metre Nationals. 2010 Booker Regionals.

During 2008 I helped Melissa Jenkins integrate the XSLT for bumps charts into her OnGlide system. Here are the 2009 Dunstable Regionals Blue & Red classes. Since then I've played a bit with doing the generation of the charts in the browser.


A few pages about various observations and things. Also, blog pages tagged Astronomy.