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Ubuntu Full Disk Encryption

Encrypting the whole of your disk is a jolly good idea if there's any possibility at all of the computer being lost or stolen. Which there is, of course. It's also the decent thing to do if you handle other people's data; having an email address book is a rather minimal example of that.

Ubuntu (and Mint and, I guess, related distributions) provides the option to set up full-disk encryption (FDE) as part of the installation step. However, it's not very flexible.


Cutting Timber

Having faffed around a bit on Monday in not such good weather I made some useful progress cutting posts and beams to length for the remaining four days of the week.


Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on a Toshiba Satellite C50-B-189

I got a new laptop the other week to replace my HP one which came to a rather messy end last autumn. It wasn't something I was going to bother with for a while but the little netbook I've been using was causing me some eyestrain.

It's a Toshiba Satellite C50-B-189. I took a bit of a punt on it as there was nothing much online regarding how it would work with Linux so I thought it'd be a good idea to write down what I found.

In general, it works fine with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS except that the internal Bluetooth adaptor doesn't seem to be recognized. I haven't tried the optical drive yet.


Segal Design Problems

I have the timber and fastenings for the post-and-beam structure on site but haven't got anywhere with finding a joiner to help me put it up. I have a few more local leads to follow up on but will then have to look a bit more widely, I think.


Still Here

Oops, it's been a while since I last report on progress. I've kept putting off posting until there's something interesting to see but, while I've been steadily doing stuff, I don't seem to have built up much momentum.



Well that was an epic bit of ill-preparation and marginal weather but I did get to see something and take a few piccies.


Bolted To Scotland

Well, strictly, bolted to concrete but that's resting fairly firmly on Scotland so why waste a good phrase on such pedantry? That's the post-base brackets on which the house will sit which were bolted down by the builder (with some help and a little hinderance from me) yesterday and this morning.


2015: The First Sixth

So far this year has not gone too well. In my previous post I ended last year with the steel brackets for the house stashed away in my shipping container and reasonable hope that, weather permitting, construction would start early this year.


House Progress Report

Hmmm, better have an update on how things are going with the house before the date clicks over the next higher digit.


Comments on GBA Solar Thermal is Dead Article

Martin Holladay has just posted an article on the Green Building Advisor site: Solar Thermal Is Really, Really Dead.

I mostly agree but think there's a lot more to be said. It's a complicated subject and it's easy to get bogged down in detail so he's done well to simplify things for clarity but maybe he's gone a bit far and there are few other things people can usefully think about.